Finding the Perfect Brad Nailer: Unveiling the Best Brad Nailer of 2017

When it comes to the construction world, every professional understands the importance of having the right tools in their arsenal. Among the tools that have revolutionized the way we work, the brad nailer stands as a symbol of precision and efficiency. In 2017, the market was flooded with various brad nailers, each claiming to be the best. In this article, we will navigate through the world of brad nailers, focusing on finding the best brad nailer of 2017 – the one that truly stands out in terms of performance, durability, and versatility.

Understanding the Significance of the Brad Nailer

Before we delve into the specifics of choosing the best brad nailer of 2017, let’s take a moment to understand why brad nailers are indispensable for contractors, construction workers, and avid DIY enthusiasts.

  1. Precision and Accuracy: Brad nailers are engineered to deliver pinpoint accuracy. They can drive brad nails into various materials, including delicate trim and molding, without causing any visible damage.

  2. Efficiency and Time-Saving: Compared to traditional nailing methods, brad nailers are incredibly efficient. Their quick firing mechanism speeds up tasks, saving time and labor costs.

  3. Clean and Professional Finish: The slender profile of brad nails leaves minimal marks on the material, resulting in a cleaner and more professional finish compared to other types of fasteners.

Key Features to Look for in the Best Brad Nailer

Choosing the best brad nailer involves considering several crucial factors. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. Brad Nail Size Compatibility

Brad nailers are designed to accommodate a range of nail sizes, typically from 18 to 23 gauge. Ensure that the brad nailer you select can handle the specific brad size you commonly use for your projects.

2. Magazine Capacity

A larger magazine capacity means less frequent reloading, which saves you time and effort. The choice of magazine capacity should align with the scale of your projects.

3. Depth Adjustment

The ability to adjust the depth of the nail is critical. It allows you to control how deep the nail sinks into the material. Look for a brad nailer with easy depth adjustment settings to achieve the desired finish.

4. Jam Clearing Mechanism

Even the best brad nailers can experience jams. Opt for a tool with a user-friendly jam clearing mechanism to reduce downtime and keep your workflow smooth.

5. Power Source

In 2017, brad nailers were available in pneumatic and cordless variants. Pneumatic nailers require an air compressor, while cordless ones use batteries or gas cartridges. The choice of power source depends on your working environment and preferences.

Top Contenders of 2017

Let’s explore some of the top brad nailers that made waves in 2017:


  • Brad Size Compatibility: 18 gauge
  • Magazine Capacity: 110 nails
  • Depth Adjustment: Yes
  • Power Source: Cordless (18V Battery)

The DEWALT DC608K offers precision and versatility in a cordless package. It’s ideal for professionals who need freedom of movement and a quick, efficient brad nailer.

2. Hitachi NT50AE2

  • Brad Size Compatibility: 18 gauge
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 nails
  • Depth Adjustment: Yes
  • Power Source: Pneumatic

The Hitachi NT50AE2 is lauded for its lightweight design and comfortable grip. It’s perfect for prolonged use without user fatigue.


  • Brad Size Compatibility: 18 gauge
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 nails
  • Depth Adjustment: Yes
  • Power Source: Pneumatic

The BOSTITCH BTFP12233 strikes an excellent balance between affordability and quality. It’s versatile and well-suited for a variety of trim and finish tasks.

4. Ryobi P320

  • Brad Size Compatibility: 18 gauge
  • Magazine Capacity: 105 nails
  • Depth Adjustment: Yes
  • Power Source: Cordless (18V Battery)

For those who prefer the convenience of a battery-powered brad nailer, the Ryobi P320 offers mobility and power in one package.

Making an Informed Decision

The choice of the best brad nailer is a combination of the projects you undertake, your budget, and your personal preferences. Don’t forget to test the weight, grip, and ease of use to ensure that it aligns with your working style.

In conclusion, while the best brad nailer of 2017 may no longer be the latest model, it can still be an excellent addition to your toolbox. Each of the brad nailers mentioned here brings a unique set of features to cater to diverse needs. Take your time, conduct thorough research, and make an informed decision to ensure that you have a trusted companion for your future projects. Happy nailing!

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